Thursday, 1 October 2009

Small Business Internet Secrets Reviews


Since Michael Geary & Gary Nealon released their Internet Marketing Online Course, I have been dying to review it to see how and if it works. These guys are serious Internet Marketing Consultants that have a long-term repuation online. They are held in the highest regard by some of the best Makreters online, so I had no doubt they would make great teachers.

In the last 6 weeks I got the chance to take part in the Small Business Internet Secrets course, and it made me question my whole approach to marketing, especially on the websites where I actually sell products rather than advertising. I know of two small business owners who FIRED their Internet Marketing Company after going through this course. They obviously realized they were paying WAY TOO MUCH for WAY TOO NOTHING.

First off, Michael Geary & Gary Nealon are one of the most experienced marketers online. They generate about 8 million uniques a month between all their ventures. They have the knowledge to give anybody power to market their own website or at least understand how to outsource the marketing so you can finally tell the Marketing Guys exactly what you need from them. It is important to know what you are talkig about, even if you dont have the time to do it yourself. SEO guys and Internet marketing companies dont care about your business unless you are paying them.

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Because I know your time is short, I will list the the 10 most important benefits that their methods will have on your website.

1. A Sneaky Way to Get Web Traffic from Your Local TV News Station's Website.

2. Nine specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) steps that most business owners don't know

3. How to get the elusive "double listings" for your website in the Google search engine rankings

4. A unique secret for getting your website to show up 3-5 times on one single page of a search query!

5. How to get extra exposure on the "Google Local" Business Listings

6. How to use Google to "Geotarget" your exact customers by city, state, or zip code

7. How to tap into the massive traffic of the new behemoth of the web - FACEBOOK!

8. The secrets of generating traffic with Myspace

9. The Unexpected Power of Craigslist Traffic (a hidden gem)

10. How to use eBay to get traffic to almost any type of website.

11. How to siphon off some of the massive traffic that Youtube gets and send those visitors to your website.

My feeling is that this course will be implemented differently depending on your product and website. For someone trying to learn Marketing 2010 style, this is an amazing course. The reality is as simple as this - There is no point scouring about all day, hoping someone will reassure you enough to purchase this course, when it will obviously work differently for them than it will for you. I have found that the more I improve my marketing knowledge, the more money I make. The more I close my mind to courses like this, the less money I make. This course comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, it is a best-selling internet marketing course with a great reputation and it is written by two great Internet Marketing Consultants. If you want to save thousands and get traffic to your website, this product must be considered high on your priority list.

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